Denver Digital Marketing & Custom Web Development

In the spring of 2015, Alloy opened its first office in Denver, Colorado.

Denver is a city on the rise, becoming a hub of technological innovation and inspiration. Our team regularly enjoys Denver’s many meetups, beautiful landscape, and diverse range of brews. We are excited to continue providing great work to our clients in North Carolina and grow our client base in the Denver market. 

Alloy's Denver office is in the heart of Cherry Creek North, the arts (and shopping!) district. We're on the corner of Milwaukee and 2nd. There's metered street parking throughout the area, so please drop in and say hello if you're coming our way! 


201 Milwaukee Street
Denver, CO 80206

Our Team

Derek Adams

Senior Developer

Derek’s grandfather once told him, “You’ve got to be smarter than the tools you work with.” He imparted that wisdom while the two were fixing a broken toilet, but Derek has found it applies well to technology, too. Code, he says, “is only as smart as the person who wrote it.” As a developer, Derek has...

Megan Kilpatrick

CEO + Creative Director

Megan founded Alloy in 2006, growing the company into a digital marketing and communications powerhouse fueled by a team of highly skilled developers, designers and strategists.

Matthew Moen

Chief Technical Officer

As Technical Director, Matt leads website development and technology decisions and oversees all engineers on the Alloy team. He studied computer science at NYU and University at Buffalo.

Sarah Shelness

Account Manager

The diverse thinking that Sarah brings to managing Alloy’s varied accounts is an effortless extension of the diversified life she leads outside the downtown Winston office.

Roger Sullivan


As a developer, Roger works tirelessly to make the internet a more exciting and informative place. Before joining Alloy in 2018, Roger had his own agency and juggled clients all on his own.