Anna Cook


Anna started down her career path early when she took interest in design during high school. She stayed focused, earning a degree in studio art with an emphasis in digital art and a minor in technology, arts and media from the University of Colorado Boulder. While there, a professor told her she’d learn more on the job in a week than he could teach her in a semester. He was right. Anna has always been a hard worker. While she earned her degree, Anna worked as a designer for several technology departments at CU-Boulder. Before joining Alloy, Anna worked as a user experience designer at PR Newswire, where she developed visuals for a variety of projects and websites. Anna has tackled assignments for educational institutions, nonprofits, startups and large corporations alike. Anna loves that the industry she’s chosen is always changing: “I am never bored. There’s always something new to learn or to figure out.” She’s goal-oriented in her free time, too. She likes to get moving — yoga, running, Pilates, hiking — so that she’s accomplished something in her off hours.