Hannah Suttle

Digital Producer

Hannah has a love for all things creative, whether it’s making her own art pieces or admiring the works of others. Her love for shape, color and form guides her to approach her client work with an artistic mindset so that their ideas can become reality and stand out amidst the clutter. Hannah starts each day teaching yoga before dawn to a loyal following of students at a local hot yoga studio. Yoga provides her with the ability to stay focused and mindful, even on the busiest of days. After work, she looks forward to a walk with Enzo, a rambunctious Lab mix, and Yogi, a Great Pyrenees and big white ball of fluff. They are an amusing set of characters who are frequently up to no good.

When Hannah joined Alloy in May 2017, her father gave her the best advice she has ever gotten. “In any job, you have to think like the owner. What can you do to make the business more successful?” This has been a mantra for her in her work at Alloy. Hannah approaches every day with a positive attitude, and her positivity is infectious. Hannah graduated from Wake Forest University in May 2017 with a degree in studio art and art history.