Kerri Howell


Kerri started teaching herself coding around the age of twelve and has never stopped pursuing her interest. She earned a degree with a double major — studio art with a concentration in graphic design, and art history — from Salem College, and joined the Alloy team in 2015. Kerri’s a passionate developer and a passionate reader — paper books over digital, or times audio because they block out distractions better. Her favorite, Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo, just might get bumped down a peg once she finishes “the slow and grueling process” of writing her own novel. Kerri’s best ideas come “at the worst possible times, like when I’m driving or trying to get to sleep” but that doesn’t stop her from implementing them. One of her best recent ideas was to take the family dog — a thirteen-year-old yellow lab named Spot — to live with her when she moved out on her own: “He’s much more of a brother than a pet and getting to keep him happy and healthy in his later years is one of the biggest blessings in my life.”