Roger Sullivan


As a developer, Roger works tirelessly to make the internet a more exciting and informative place. Before joining Alloy in 2018, Roger had his own agency and juggled clients all on his own. He's happy to be a part of Alloy's larger dev team, and just as thrilled to focus on building sites and apps and not have wear so many hats! 

The center of his world is his family — his wife Stephanie, their baby boy Leo, and their two dogs. When there’s some peace and quiet in the house, Roger will pick up a book — maybe something by Stephen King or Lee Child. While he has read every Reacher novel, he claims there’s no way he could choose a favorite. He's also a musician — playing bass, guitar and baritone ukulele and occasionally scream-singing about what makes him feel most alive. He admits the best way to listen to music is through closed ear headphones, but these days Roger prefers to play his records out loud so he can dance with his son.