Sarah Shelness

Account Manager

The diverse thinking that Sarah brings to managing Alloy’s varied accounts is an effortless extension of the diversified life she leads outside the downtown Winston office. Thoughtful and consistent are words that describe her approach to client-facing activities but also are key qualities she’s maintained as a youth soccer coach. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, Sarah is exceptionally devoted to her community through the coaching and mentoring she gives to her players. She wastes no time getting to the field herself to play the game that she has known and loved nearly all her life.

Sarah has unrivaled composure — the kind that keeps her clients and teammates at ease and focused. When she's not orchestrating projects at work or running down a soccer field, you can find her binge-watching cooking shows. Undoubtedly, it’s her competitive spirit that fuels her love of programs like Top Chef. 

Before joining the Alloy team in 2017, Sarah worked in the ecommerce department at Lowe's — the home improvement one, not the grocery store. She hit the ground running, and is managing large B2B ecommerce projects for Alloy's clients.