Stephon Beaufort

Internet Marketing Analyst

There are a few distinct things that motivate Stephon Beaufort each day:

  • the desire to be better than he was the day before,
  • a curiosity about the latest and greatest in digital technology, and
  • a well-timed trip to Bojangles.

These factors (even the fast food) are what make him a great fit as Alloy’s Internet Marketing Analyst. Stephon is responsible for researching, organizing, and making sense of the digital performance of our clients — a challenge he eagerly says yes to when he wakes up each morning. 

Stephon is a genuine people-person and is passionate about the relationships he has formed throughout his life. The decision to major in mathematics at NC State came after a number of inspiring professors made sure he stuck with the subject. His involvement with the Raleigh cycling community has been an experience filled with wonderful memories and influential mentors. Stephon notes that interactions with his colleagues at Alloy have pushed him beyond his comfort zone... in a good way. He does admit that he’s still a little intimidated by the devs. But hey, who isn't?