Front-End Developer

Alloy is a digital-first agency with offices in Denver CO, Winston-Salem NC, and Raleigh NC. We provide strategy, design, and development for small- and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, startups and nonprofits.

We're a growing team of passionate individuals. Not surprisingly, we tend to have a geek streak. We're obsessed with providing stellar products and we are driven to deeply understand our clients and their constituents. Our focus is on delivering meaningful results, above all. 

We're looking for talented developers to join us in Raleigh NC, Winston-Salem NC and Denver CO. 


Apply to Join Our Team

We believe in being...

  • Authentic — When we interact, we do so honestly and without pretense.
  • Inquisitive — Question everything, lust for learning.
  • Value-focused — We produce work that adds value to our clients and their constituents.

Our technical team is characterized by a diligent focus on quality. We have a mature development process with great tools and solid suite of best practices to build on, as well as a strong technical leadership team. 

Your work would consist of:

  • Using Drupal + our site-building stack to create the structure of Drupal sites from information architecture and user experience documents: Building content types, adding fields, creating views
  • Basic Drupal theming with HTML/CSS/JS, manipulating image assets as needed; all our themes are based on the Bootstrap front-end framework
  • Help with support requests from ongoing clients
  • Help create estimates of hours or effort involved with implementing features for planning purposes

At a minimum you should:

  • Thoroughly understand HTML5, CSS3 and have some javascript and jquery aptitude
  • Be comfortable with a command line
  • Be familiar with version control
  • Have a good visual sense, although no graphic design expertise is necessary (often this involves extrapolating details from graphic design comps with guidance from the rest of the team)
  • Be detail oriented, motivated to get things "right" and a strong problem solver

It'd be great if you:

  • Have experience with Bootstrap
  • Have used SASS/SCSS or another CSS precompiler
  • Have played with Angular or other front end app frameworks
  • Have a working knowledge of PHP, Ruby, Python or another server-side platform
  • Understand basic software concepts

For senior candidates: Take advantage of our build process and tools to focus on creating exceptional front end experiences for our clients. A senior front end Drupal developer should:

  • Be able to extrapolate site structure from information architecture and user experience documents into a Drupal implementation
  • Be able to efficiently knock out site building tasks -- creating content types, adding fields, creating views, featurizing configuration
  • Efficiently and faithfully translate comps into working front end code
  • Have experience with Bootstrap, Foundation or similar front end frameworks
  • Have extensive experience with jQuery
  • Have experience with Angular or similar client side toolkits
  • Be extremely comfortable on a command line
  • Be happy to define your coding existence by what you commit to git