Nonprofit & Mission-Driven Internet Marketing and Fundraising

You may not be selling widgets, but the critical principles of online marketing still apply to nonprofits. Nonprofits are trying to foster engagement, help those in need, and raise funds. A nonprofit organization benefits from a branded website with clear calls-to-action, engaging content, and cohesive user experience.

Nonprofits have their own opportunities for automation, to reduce the overhead and increase results with each campaign. We know you strive to have as much of your team’s time and talents devoted to the real work and mission, not administrative tasks.

We lead our nonprofit clients through difficult technical decisions — such as researching and vetting third-party solutions or choosing to invest in custom software, built on an open-source platform.

Members of our team have served as nonprofit board chairs, vice chairs, fundraising chairs, marketing chairs, and even interim executive directors. We understand how nonprofits operate — fiscal processes and limitations, relationships between staffs and boards, board buy-in and (or vs.) board engagement, grant writing, and fundraising. Our hands-on nonprofit experience helps projects run smoothly.

Nonprofit and Community-Focused Websites

Common Challenges We Hear from Nonprofit Clients

  • We have a complex offering and it takes a while for a site visitor to ‘get it.’ How do we do a better job of explaining our offering?

    We translate your strengths and offerings into messaging that meets your buyer where they are.
  • How do we rank better in Google and other search engines? How do we show up for Siri?

    Search Engine Optimization is critical for any business — ecommerce, B2B, B2C, etc.
  • We're doing tasks manually that could be automated.

    Should we hire or should we invest in automating those processes?