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For manufacturers, distributors and solution providers in the industrial sector, getting new business just isn't done the same way anymore. While everyone knows it's changing, they seem to be waiting for the new players to steal their business. From search engines to trade publications, your visibility is critical to reaching your market. Where relationships once ruled the day, buyers are turning to search first, where your knowledge and skills are only as good as they are findable. The key to industrial marketing is providing a great customer experience in your online catalog and having the tools to follow up and close the deal.

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We work with industrial manufacturers, solution providers and distributors selling technical products and services to develop sustainable marketing programs that drive sales. Our combination of digital expertise and industrial sales experience means we can help you address every part of the pipeline.

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The Industrial Buyer Has Changed

For the industrial space, marketing is often an afterthought. Your sales people drove business with feet on the ground, “chasing smokestacks.” But 20 years after the launch of the Internet, industrial buyers are changing their habits faster than ever before. Often called the “consumerization” of industrial buying, the buyer’s experience on the consumer side — with Amazon, Uber and other game changers — has set an expectation for the same transparency, convenience and speed for business purchases. 

Founded in an era defined by information scarcity, printed catalogs and a large sales team, most industrial companies grew around supporting those now outdated methods. The time is now to embrace the digital world, before falling prey to competitors.

The 4 Kinds of Industrial Buyers
  • Serve Me

    Serve Me

  • Show Me

    Show Me

  • Guide Me

    Guide Me

  • Enlighten Me

    Enlighten Me

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