Custom Web App Development

Build Anything

You have a great idea, you have challenges, you have a set of tools you'd like to have work together. We have a talented team, an agile approach, and experience bringing these kinds of things to life. Together we can make software work for your organization and transform the way you operate. 

Our team has built software that supports behavior change, business management, growth hacking, mobile web apps, data transformations, multi-channel content delivery, and games. 

Problems We Solve

Beyond Code

Responsive development goes beyond code to process — to design, business, and brand. That’s why Alloy’s blend of talents is such a powerful combination. It’s not enough for us to just hit functional requirements, we want to succeed; we want to inspire. We design for growth. 


  • Lean approach gets results fast, provides a platform for continuous improvement
  • End-to-end solutions 
  • Scalable cloud hosting
  • Best-in-class open source tools

Mature Development Processes

  • Agile 
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Test-driven development

Meet With Us Face-to-Face

Alloy's main office is located in Winston-Salem, NC.

We also serve clients all over North America through the use of virtual meetings and online collaboration tools. 

Some Custom Development Projects