Information Architecture

The Tools of Information Architecture Can Help Brands Communicate & Users Understand

Information architecture is the process Alloy uses to organize your content. IA serves as the core of digital strategy — the road map. Information architecture work may include the development of different documents and planning tools including:

  • Site Maps
  • Wireframes
  • Taxonomies
  • Card Sorting
  • Mental Models
  • Controlled Vocabularies

Organization Changes Behaviors

We find that our partners use information architecture for much more than just planning their site — the IA documents help the entire team have a better understanding of the components of a buisiness, identify problems, and identify solutions — all by organizing their ideas. If you have a complicated idea to communicate, a glut of technical documentation, or an unruly intranet, our information architecture processes can bring organization and purpose to the chaos. 


This has been one of the most pleasant hard projects I've ever worked on.
Jane McPherson, VP of Marketing for Office Evolution