Your Career at Alloy

For fifteen years, our team has ridden the wave of technological innovation, refining our approach to the web and to the software that makes it useful. We have strengths in content creation, marketing, user experience, and software development and management. 

The Team

At Alloy, we strive to nurture and energize our team. Everyone is encouraged to take the time they need to recharge. In addition to having fun while doing our work, we also take breaks for group outings, happy hours, community events, and lunch-and-learns.


Our team is made up of smart, motivated, curious people who bring a diversity of opinions and skills to the challenges of our work. When our team works together, every opinion is valued. We are stronger together. 

A Technology Agency

Fuel your intellectual curiosities and professional growth.

Alloy is a technology company meaning we bake technology into the heart of every project we do.


With modern dev and creative processes and peer training opportunities, developers, designers and digital producers at Alloy get to do meaningful work and build the skills that will take them to the next level. We encourage our people to pursue their passions. We provide:

  • Peer reviews
  • Conference Trips
  • Educational Workshops
  • Mentors
  • Bonuses

Open positions: 

Alloy is not hiring at this time.

Main Office

175 Sunnynoll Court
Winston-Salem, NC 27106