Conversion Optimization

The purpose of conversion optimization is to increasing the percentage of site visitors that engage with you while they're on your site. 

First we evaluate your current conversion rate — the percentage of site visitors that fill out a contact form, download a content offer, etc. For example, if in an average month a site has 1000 site visitors and 5 leads, the conversion rate is .5%. We look at the conversion rate for the site as a whole, as well as on specific landing pages. 

Next we study how people are using the site. We utilize Google Analytics as well as heatmap software that highlights how visitors interact with pages of the site. 

Once we have a strong understanding of what is and isn't working, we propose changes to the site that will positively influence visitor behavior. 

Common Things We Look for to Improve Conversion Optimization

  • Are there sufficient calls-to-action? 
  • Is the messaging clear and actionable? 
  • Do customers at every stage of the buying cycle have opportunities to engage and learn more? 
  • Are the forms on the site asking for too much information? 
  • On the top landing pages, are site visitors finding the information they're looking for?
  • Do the messaging and site design build confidence in the brand?

Conversion optimization is often done in conjunction with SEO and SEM — which are focused on increasing traffic to the site — to build a cohesive Inbound Marketing plan.

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