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An Agency Focused on Web

Whether it's a website or an app, our team loves the web design process — coming up with creative solutions for brands large and small. The website is where your organization has ultimate control over the brand experience. When well-designed, a website can do it all — reach new audiences, deliver your service, grow your mission.

Web Designed for Growth

With the experience of creating hundreds of successful websites, our team will research, design, and build a branded website experience that generates traffic, delivers leads, and builds lasting relationships. We drive users to action, to take the next step and hire you, get involved with your cause, use your product, or read your publication and then to come back and do it again. We do it with unbounded creativity and the wisdom and experience gained from working across categories, disciplines, and mediums for over a decade. 

Web Design Services

Meet With Us Face-to-Face

Alloy's main office is located in Winston-Salem, NC.

We also serve clients all over North America through the use of virtual meetings and online collaboration tools. 

Common Web Design Challenges We Hear from Clients

  • We have a complex offering and it takes a while for a site visitor to ‘get it.’ How do we do a better job of explaining our offering?

    We translate your strengths and offerings into messaging that meets your buyer where they are.
  • How do we rank better in Google and other search engines? How do we show up for Siri?

    Search Engine Optimization is critical for any business — ecommerce, B2B, B2C, etc.
  • We have plenty of traffic, but visitors are not contacting us. How can we improve our conversions?

    Alter the experience for site visitors to make getting in touch with you easy and unintimidating.

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They read our minds about what we wanted, meshed it with what we needed, and made it reality.
Kevin Williams, Bell Davis & Pitt