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Visits, Sessions and Clicks - Making Sense of Google Analytics Metrics

If you’re using Google Analytics, you've probably seen some similar-looking metrics called sessions and entrances. If you've exited GA and viewed nearly any other analytics tool, you've probably seen visits, but no mention of sessions. You return to Google Analytics and find that there’s no such thing as visits. So what gives? Here, I’ll attempt to demystify confusion around metrics that seem like they should be the same, but aren’t.

Twitter Launches "Promoted Tweets" Ad Platform

Twitter has officially launched their answer to Google AdWords: "Promoted Tweets." The platform will allow advertisers to place their tweets at the top of keyword search results, and future plans include full integration with third party apps and direct placement in user Twitter streams. If a particular "Promoted Tweet" is not "resonating" (AKA replies, clicks, and other metrics), Twitter will pull the ad without cost to the advertiser.