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The Work


Data drives today’s business world. The data gathered from shopper insights and market research gives businesses an opportunity to get into the minds of their consumers. Decision making becomes more straightforward when it can be based on a calculated understanding of market trends, disruptions, and innovations. For Bellomy, a Winston-Salem-based marketing research company, that means providing actionable insights that guide some of the nation’s most recognizable brands.

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The Challenge


Differentiated design for a sophisticated audience

For a leader in marketing research, Bellomy’s website didn’t communicate the company’s sophistication or their long history in market research. Instead, inconsistent design and messaging coupled with cluttered pages gave them a tired look. Bellomy came across as a small player in a competitive industry.

After refreshing its logo and brand guidelines, Bellomy approached Alloy to translate that to the digital space. In collaboration, Alloy delivered a design that updated their web experience to match their refreshed brand. A new typeface and bold colors give Bellomy a contemporary look that aligns with their innovative approach and makes them stand out among competitors.

Using the site’s structure to create a niche for Bellomy

Bellomy specializes in market research solutions for five specific industries, but the original website didn’t position Bellomy as a thought leader. The main navigation is based on the concept of Bellomy appealing to the five key industries they serve. The site structure is developed to funnel users to pages where Bellomy can demonstrate their understanding of industry-specific problems. This segmented approach allows Bellomy to distinguish themselves as marketing research experts in those sectors.

The company’s original content management system (CMS) had limited functionality, which meant that as Bellomy expanded their capabilities and reach, their website couldn’t scale to match. The result was a site that didn’t guide users to the answers they sought. Built on Drupal 8, Alloy provided Bellomy with a content management experience that allows the website to scale as the marketing team executes on its content marketing strategy and introduces new solutions and industries to the site.

The Solution


Putting customers first to solve their problems

Messaging is an essential element of the Bellomy website redesign. Bellomy’s previous website suffered from a glut of business jargon and generic messaging that contributed to high exit rates and short browsing sessions. While the company has experience transforming how well-known brands approach their customers, their website didn’t convey their expertise.

Alloy leveraged the “Jobs To Be Done” framework to generate messaging for the redesigned website. Customers don’t enlist Bellomy because they want market research. Customers enlist Bellomy because they need to improve sales, increase customer satisfaction, or create a better customer experience in their industry. Alloy and Bellomy collaborated to craft content for each industry page that would speak to professionals from that industry and meet the needs of search engine marketing. The result is a site that speaks to the customer, but works for the marketer to generate traffic, close leads and shorten the time from lead to sale.

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