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The Work

With another person being added to the organ donation waiting list every 10 minutes, Donate Life North Carolina’s work is mission critical in saving lives. The group handles organ donor registrations for the state of North Carolina — registering individuals as organ donors and providing a means of verifying the organ donor status of potential organ donors.

Alloy recently refreshed the nonprofit group’s website with an optimized user experience that streamlines the registration process and encourages users to complete donor registration. 

52% increase in online registration completion

Smart Design Saves Lives

"Since we have implemented the new registry, we have seen an increase of 52% in the number of people completing their registry entries!"

Deanna Mitchell, Executive Director, Donate Life North Carolina

The Challenge

Get more North Carolinians to register as organ donors.

Donate Life North Carolina’s interest in a new website was prompted first by the organization’s desire for an updated, clean look-and-feel. Analyzing the site’s performance revealed that very few people who started the online registration process actually completed it — only 13% in the previous year. It became clear that the need for a new site went beyond a design update.

The Strategy

Our goal was to build a site that engages users from the moment they enter the site through compelling and powerful stories of those affected by organ donation. A major pain point was the registration process itself — so it was important for us to find ways to improve the registration process and reduce the bounce rate.

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The Solution

A user experience that inspires donation.

We designed a simplified user experience for the donor registration process that users can complete quickly and as effortlessly as possible. The registration process can begin on the homepage, where a blinking cursor draws the user’s eye and prompts the user to fill out the “My name is” statement. When a name is filled on the homepage billboard, the user is automatically entered into step 2 of registration. The progress line along the bottom of the form notifies users how far along they are to make the registration process less daunting.
To inspire potential organ donors to register, the website highlights the importance of organ donation and its impact through visually appealing stories that celebrate lives saved through organ donation.

The website also communicates calls-to-action for those who have already registered, urging users to donate, stay in touch through Donate Life North Carolina email updates and get involved.

Donate Life Mother and Son
Donate Life NC Father and Son
Donate Life Mother and Daughter

The Results

person completes the registration every 115 minutes
of registrations begin on the interactive homepage billboard

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