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The Work

In today’s digital world, the legal discovery process is more focused on digital evidence than ever before. The new process, called e-discovery, is an opportunity and a challenge for traditional law firms. The conveniences of digital are both an asset and a challenge for new cases—the ease of digital search combined with a dramatic increase in quantity of information. For Kilpatrick Townsend, one of the largest law firms in the world, the commitment to e-discovery is second to none.

LitSmart E-Discovery team at work
LitSmart E-Discovery at the office
LitSmart E-Discovery counsel

The Challenge

Having lead discovery in front-page cases for the largest businesses in the world, Kilpatrick Townsend has a reputation as the best-of-the-best. Like many legal specialties though, Kilpatrick Townsend’s investment in marketing the e-discovery program didn’t match the organizational investment in growing the practice. Kilpatrick Townsend dedicated only one page to e-discovery in an aging corporate site that did little to support the sales process.

The Solution

The difference between reading a value proposition and experiencing it.

Alloy worked with Kilpatrick Townsend’s internal e-discovery team in Winston-Salem and San Francisco as well as their marketing department in Atlanta. Our goal was to guide them to a digital launch that positioned the group as the cutting-edge leaders in worldwide e-discovery cases. During the process, Alloy developed the mark for the LitSmart program, messaging and a new website, separate from the Kilpatrick Townsend corporate site.

The new site is both a sign post and a guide, combining search engine best practices with strategic messaging that walks prospects through their learning stage. Alloy incorporated HTML animations to deliver a rich experience on both mobile and desktop devices—taking what could have been a mundane description of legal services and instead creating an interactive resource that works as sales enablement and lead generation.

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