Comparing Findlaw Law Firm Website Service to Owning Your Own Site

A Major Legal Marketing Investment, with High Ongoing Fees

Invest your money in a legal website that provides what you need, and only what you need.

Rented Site through FindLaw Subscription

A template site is a seemingly affordable option, but the 2-3 year contract your law firm signs upfront, can end up losing you money. Even if your site is not bringing your lawyers business within that timeframe, you have committed to paying substantial monthly fees just to keep the site up.

Your Own Custom Website

A custom site is an ongoing project continuously adjusting to meet your law firm’s specific needs. Together, you and your design team will set up a timeline for your legal website to coincide with your law firm’s growth. You will pay for exactly what you need, no more, no less.

Lawyers Need Good Content

Educational content is constructed to appeal to search engines, therefore consistently drawing in new visitors.

Rented Site through FindLaw Subscription

Sites like Findlaw hire writers to produce content for a variety of law firms. Their content can be very generic and is often not fitting of the firm brand.  Worst of all, the content is more than likely similar, if not the same, to a number of other law firms.

Your Own Custom Website

Content written for a customized site is constructed to appeal to your law firm’s ideal client. The content is written with your input and designed to coincide with what terms future clients may be using when searching for a lawyer.

Supporting Your Law Firm Over Time

To build a website that represents the attorneys in your firm, you need a design team that knows you.

Rented Site through FindLaw Subscription

Findlaw works to sell as many sites as they can, to as many law firms as they can. Therefore when any of your lawyers need to reach out for assistance, it will always be a different person providing you with support.  

Your Own Custom Website

A big part of designing a custom site is getting to know your law firm. Custom design teams want to build lasting relationships with all lawyers in the firm, so they can adapt your website as your business changes and grows.   

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Build and Enhance Your Law Firm’s Brand

The appearance of your website should reflect the personality of your law firm, don’t limit yourself to certain arrangement, color, and font options.

Rented Site through FindLaw Subscription

The design process Findlaw offers is simple and easy, but you are also limited by the parameters each template has set. You have no ability to change the layout or add and take away features.

Your Own Custom Website

A custom site will be exactly what your law firm wants and needs. Design options are limitless and all opinions are valued.

Being limited by a template website’s capabilities can affect the future success of your business. Take this into account as you begin to consider redesigning your law firm’s website.

Real Measurement of Your Legal Marketing Investment

Data should drive marketing decisions. Knowing how site visitors behave and how to affect their behavior can be the key to building your client list.  

Rented Site through FindLaw Subscription

FindLaw’s basic reporting may feel adequate- but only because you don’t know what you are missing. How many visitors came from partner sites? How many visitors were actually in your market? How many left immediately? FindLaw’s reporting leaves a lot to be desired.

Your Own Custom Website

Fortunately, Google and other third parties offer industry leading tracking for free. Google Analytics can give you real strategic data about your website including site visits, page views, bounce rate, average time on site, pages per visit and percentage of new visits.

Prioritize Your Law Firm Website Mobile Experience

Most legal websites see over 50% of their traffic coming from mobile devices. Having a mobile-friendly site can bring in more traffic and make you appear more credible to search engines like Google.

Rented Site through FindLaw Subscription

The biggest flaw that law firms come across when renting a site from FindLaw is their inability to maintain the website design on mobile devices. Findlaw sites are mobile friendly rather than responsive. This means that — instead of adjusting to the size of the screen — the user experience on mobile devices is significantly different than on desktop, In addition, there are often features excluded in the mobile version. Basically, users have a inconsistent and non-optimal experience on mobile compared to accessing the website on desktop.

Your Own Custom Website

A custom website is built to function just as well on mobile devices as a desktop. The design team spends time making sure your site is easy to navigate, and as aesthetically pleasing as on a desktop. Your site will be responsive — therefore, shifting and changing to meet the size requirements of a mobile screen without compromising the content or design.

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