Why Law Firm Web Strategy Starts With Keyword Research

It’s important to know how your potential clients are approaching your practice. In a world where people are increasingly self-educated, they are able to discern your law firm’s value in a keener way than ever before. Populating your website with the keywords that those well-informed prospects search is pivotal.

Search Engine Fundamentals for Law Firms

Today, the search engine has become the expert in all things. People will go to Google before they go to a professional with their problems. It’s free and it’s quick. Furthermore, people go to Google because they know that it is the best at giving them relevant search results. To capture the interest of someone who’s consulting Siri for legal assistance, it’s important that you be on the other end of that query. This is where keyword research reveals itself as a key factor to your business goals online.

Websites like Bing, Yahoo and the like have processes for sifting through the billions of web pages on the internet to determine their relevance to a particular query. Google views the words on your website and uses them as indicators for where you should be ranked in a search result. This makes it important to use the right wording - the correct keywords -  to optimize your page’s ranking for the queries you want to be shown for.

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Understanding the Buyer’s Journey to Improve Law Firm’s Marketing

The internet is a sea of knowledge. Consumers seeking legal counsel are increasingly able to educate themselves to their options before making a decision. While this may seem daunting, it could easily be an opportunity to catch prospective clients earlier in their journey. Your keyword research can be targeted at the terms and phrases that your potential leads will use when they’re less informed to the issues they’re trying to solve. Translate the legalese on your pages to create a bridge to connect the lawyer and the layman. Use this opportunity to guide your site’s content to appeal to these terms and engage your audience sooner.

An auto accident victim without the means to pay the costs of their injuries may not immediately seek an attorney. The immediate challenge they are facing is a way to pay their medical bills; they're likely to search for information to help them figure out their options. In the process, they’ll become aware of the options at their disposal and begin to consider the services they have access to. They’ll begin to use legal jargon along the way, and eventually they’ll begin trying to pinpoint the local providers of the services they’re confident they need. Showing up and ranking highly for their searches along their journey will leave a lasting impression.

Jumping into a fresh attempt at optimizing your search potential can be assisted with some online tools. Moz has an explorer tool that can aid in conducting keyword research. It has additional tools for tracking your website’s search engine ranking. These services and others can help you stay on top of your goals. Considering further that Google provides free website analytics software, it’ll become apparent just how easy it can be to give your web efforts a boost.

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