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Google Shopping Ad Strategy Starts with the Product Feed

Google is constantly changing. This is something we're all familiar with when we search at, but this applies just as well to their advertising platform. Last summer, Google AdWords formally became Google Ads, and while dropping 'words' from the title at least makes it easier to say, the name switch is about much more than that. It represents a generational shift away from keywords as the primary means for reaching potential customers. 

How to Improve Your Customer’s Online Shopping Experience

Let’s face it, nowadays, most of us are buying at least something, if not nearly everything, online. We are slaves to 2-day delivery and the ability to order anything imaginable from the comfort of our homes. Given this shift, it is crucial that businesses offer their customers the ultimate online buying experience. Here is some of our best advice for improving your customer’s ecommerce shopping experience.

Eco Friendly Bean Bag Chairs

So it turns out the most eco friendly way to make a bean bag chair is to leave out the beans! Typically, high quality bean bag chairs are filled with virgin polystyrene beans — one more product that we need petrolium to make. Bada Bean Bags has a line of bean bag chairs called Bada Bags — and they're missing the beans! Instead, these bags are filled with reclaimed shredded foam.