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Cheap and Easy Website Building: the Commoditization of Digital Marketing

It's happening, and it's really not a surprise. In some ways it's kind of delightful. The commoditization of websites has outgrown its ugly phase (think godaddy, network solutions, and intuit... YUCK!), and now you can find really beautiful, elegant, and CHEAP website building tools. They're easier than setting up a Wordpress template, and the templates are getting prettier and more plentiful each day. 

The One Thing That Will Make Your Website Work

There are many important elements to creating and maintaining a successful web presence, but there is one arguably more important than any other — customer focus. You can focus on the customer in a variety of ways, including thoughtful strategy, well-crafted content and use of best practices for design and development. The common business mentality is to communicate first what you offer to customers.

Drupal 8 Quick Tip: Entity View Hooks

By default, Drupal 8 comes optimized for performance.  If you've use the standard install profile, you might find that it's difficult to develop or debug changes to the way an entity is displayed.  I spent an hour or so last night trying to figure out why my code in hook_node_view as behaving strangely.  Code would run once, and then not again, and if I made changes they wouldn't show up.  Very strange!