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Angular 2 Boilerplate Setup for Small Drupal 7 Applications

If you've ever wanted to use Angular for part of a Drupal project, you probably know that a quick google search is going to return all kinds of results about using Angular as a frontend for a detached, headless Drupal backend. But that's not always what you want. You might have an existing site that could be improved by a small scale Angular based component. Or maybe you're wary of the SEO issues that could arise from having an SPA.

The Website as Customer Experience

Great brands know that experience matters. Anyone who has stayed at a decent hotel or eaten at a well-run restaurant knows how service is something worth paying for. Blue-chip brands, luxury auto dealers, resorts and hotels expecially have put time into intentionally designing your whole experience from your first steps through the door, to you pulling through the exit gate.

How Content Strategy Shapes Your Choice in Content Management System

In the last ten years brands have made major changes to the way they approach marketing and the change is driven by the web and modern media — brands, more than ever, are  focused on content. Brands are now publishing  information and entertainment that customers value and their websites are the core platform for this. Suddenly, the weight of a brand's marketing success rests firmly on the content management system behind their web presence. That CMS is having to evolve faster than ever to support these shifts in needs, and so the evaluation of CMS platforms is also changing.

The Charlotte Mecklenberg Library Foundation Site Launch

One of the reasons we love what we do is because we often get to do work that benefits our community.

The philanthropists of the Charlotte Mecklenberg Library Foundation actively support the library through advocacy, fundraising and building relationships with people who share a passion for the library's work. Our goal with this project was to showcase the Foundation's work and encourage fellow library lovers to get involved.