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Writing Effective Copy for Webpages

Readers have a lot of demands competing for their time. It’s a challenge to grab and keep their attention, which is why a professional copywriter — particularly one trained in writing for the web — is worth her weight in gold. But for many organizations, a tight budget means that copywriting must be done in-house by a generalist. Writing copy for webpages is different than writing for print, and there is some variation depending on the type of content you are writing.

Writing a Compelling Press Release: Tips for Nonprofits and Small Businesses

For small nonprofits and businesses, it may seem impossible to interact with media without a marketing person on staff. But often there isn’t available funding for a communications position. Small business owners and staff of nonprofits often wear multiple hats though, and something like writing press releases doesn’t have to be out of reach. Review the following steps for a compelling press release.

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Drafting Talking Points for your Nonprofit or Small Business

For a nonprofit or small business, speaking to press can be uncomfortable territory. You don’t always know exactly what questions you will be asked, and you want to be represented accurately. But with a little bit of planning and a clear understanding of your basic messaging, you can be equipped to address a variety of PR points. This will be beneficial not only when it comes to speaking to media, but also when speaking to a more general audience of interested community members.

Shop Cross ecommerce website

ShopCross.com has launched! This e-commerce site uses a contemporary, user-friendly platform designed to convert visitors into buyers. The content management system is robust enough to support a 10,000+ item catalog and to integrate with third-party fulfillment tools, but simple enough that non-technical staff can maintain the catalog and the site. 

We also added a smart search system, so that you're sure to find what product you're looking for — even when there are over 10,000 of them!

Facebook Training for Your Board: A How-To Guide

Getting your board members involved in your organization’s social media can add to the cohesiveness of your board. Social media is a way to continue telling your organization’s story online that requires interactive voices.

Including the participation of your board will help everyone be on the same page with regards to organization activity and updates. It’s also a powerful way for board members to harness the support of their already existing networks.