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Fixing the Drupal 8 Admin Theme

It’s no secret that our team loves Drupal. The release of Drupal 8 became an opportunity for us to do a thorough investigation on ways to improve our core offerings, experience, and interface. In this post, we will discuss how we researched our content management system’s user experience, and how we established the next steps of our strategy to improve our custom Drupal 8 platform.

Guide to Planning a B2B Product Launch Campaign

Whether you’re a B2B business or a consumer-focused company where the trade industry is very influential (think pharmaceuticals or even liquor), your product launch plan needs to go beyond providing accessible product information to leveraging the event to raise awareness.

The key here is that it’s NEW. Trade journalists, bloggers and industry insiders want to know about it when it’s hot off the press, not eight months later. That’s why it’s imperative to begin your launch plan in advance, ideally about six months ahead of your launch date.